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Five gift ideas for the faith-based person in your life




Buying the perfect gift for someone during the holidays can be difficult. Trying to remember their size, favorite color or if they own that eyeshadow palate already. However, the faith based friend, the one always caught up on Pastor Mike Todd’s sermons and randomly burst into a Kirk Franklin song. We all have that person in our lives, but what to get them this year? These gifts will help alleviate some of the gift anxiety you may be experiencing.

  1. Prayer Journal

A nice notebook in their favorite color or a guided journal will be perfect. It’s a gift they will get great use and they will use beyond the holidays.

2. A faith-based book


Pastor Mike Todd’s series entitled ‘Relationship Goals’ was one that had everyone talking. The success led to him releasing an associated book. This book is a good read for all.

3. A Christmas Card


Sending cards, there is beauty in its simplicity. A card is perfect for those that have it all but you want to let them know you were thinking of them.

4. Inspirational Jewelry


Give a piece of jewelry that not only looks great but has a great message.

5. Faith- based Apparel


One’s style speaks volumes when they enter a room, give a gift that will speak true to them.

Hopefully this list has helped you cross off names on your holiday shopping list. Remember that if its given with love you can never go wrong. Happy shopping.

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