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Rihanna on her pregnancy, music, relationship and more




Rihanna gets candid about her pregnancy, fashion, music,and her relationship with Asap Rocky in Vogue’s May issue.

It is known that Rihanna is an icon when it comes to fashion, but when it comes to maternity wear, she has definitely changed the standards on what should be acceptable to wear.

In her interview with Chioma Nnadi, editor of Vogue online, she expressed that if she did not wear certain clothing before, she definitely was not going to wear it now. 

The maternity aisle of any store is a definite no for her! She goes on to express that she and her team were hoping to, “redefine what’s considered ‘decent’ for pregnant women.”

In Rihanna’s eyes pregnancy is something that should not be hidden.

“My body is doing incredible things right now, and I’m not going to be ashamed of that. This time should feel celebratory. Because why should you be hiding your pregnancy?”

Rihanna also opened up to Nnandi about her relationship with Asap Rocky. She revealed that the two became family when COVID struck the world.

Part of their bonding happened on a cross country road trip they took. The singer states that they would park and she would cook on the grill while he tied dyed t-shirts. 

She also revealed what she loves most about her relationship with Rocky.

More than anything she treasures the, “Transparency with everything: how we’re feeling, what our goals are, what our fears and insecurities are. The vulnerability to be able to say what you feel about each other.”

Rihanna values the small things in their relationship, but she also loves that they can be adventurous together.

In her conversation with Chioma she shuts down the rumors of her retirement from the music industry.

She does, in fact, have another album that is on the way. She claims that this one was fun to make and she looks forward to releasing it.

After witnessing the hardships Rihanna has experienced throughout her career, it’s beautiful to watch her thrive in this season of her life.