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Queen Latifah breaks ground on apartment complex in hometown of Newark 


Michael Krass/NorthJersey


On April 26, Queen Latifah returned back to her hometown of Newark to attend the groundbreaking of her new affordable housing, in partnership with BlueSugar Corp. 

In regards to the developmental process of the property, she told NorthJersey, “It took a while, but we stayed with it and it changed and it morphed, and we stayed with what we needed to do, and the timing is right right now for this place to rise,” Latifah said, referring to the project’s name, RISE Living. The name, also an acronym for “Rita is Still Everywhere” is a tribute to her mother, Rita, a former Newark school teacher.” 

The area of the complex is on Springfield Avenue, which is located in the outskirts of downtown Newark.

This developmental complex contains 76 units that will be used for several different housing projects. One of those housing projects include 20 three family townhomes, that would start off being $1800 per month. 

The entire development is projected to be finished by 2023.