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Natalia Bryant granted restraining order from alleged stalker 


Amy Sussman-Getty Images


Kobe and Vanessa Bryant’s 19-year-old daughter Natalia Bryant received a restraining order against her stalker that allegedly wants to conceive a “Kobe-like child” with her.

“I am terrified that [he] is trying to find me to make in-person contact with me at my school, my home, etc., and is stalking me. I do not feel safe.”

According to Natalia, Dwayne Kemp, 32 believes he’s in a relationship with her and once sent her a message on social media with an image of her late father, writing next to the picture “Thankful For Him Birthing You, Hopefully We Can Birth Him.”

Kemp has allegedly been stalking and harassing her since 2020. Natalia claims Kemp has even gone as far as to showing up at her school, “creeping around buildings” and had even allegedly visited her sorority house.

He has been convicted of at least four crimes, including one involving a firearm.

Police claim he is even in the process of buying a gun, making clear on social media that he is ‘interested in an AK-47 and/or a fully automatic Glock’.

Now he must stay at least 200 yards away from Natalia, her school, student accommodation, car, home and job. 

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