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17 year old Successfully Walks Past Kenosha Police with an AR-15 after allegedly killing protestors

kyle Rittenhouse

kyle Rittenhouse


On Tuesday night, a teenager walked up to protesters that were a few feet away from the cops in Kenosha, Wisconsin. He allegedly proceeded to shoot three individuals where two were killed and  one injured. One victim died due to being shot in the stomach and the other in the chest. The third person didn’t suffer any life threatening injuries. There is video evidence of this young man carrying an automatic weapon without a care.

It was later discovered that the alleged mass shooter is 17 year old, Kyle Rittenhouse. He drove from Illinois to Kenosha, Wisconsin to pretend to be a part of the protests for Jacob Blake. Protestors later found out that he was a Supremacist that came with vengeance on his mind.

Kenosha, Wisconsin is on its fifth day of protest due to a police officer shooting and paralyzing a young man named Jacob Blake. The name of the police officer has now been revealed as officer Rusten Sheskey. Blake’s family attorney, Ben Crump, is calling for the officer’s arrest. Blake is now paralyzed from the waist down and handcuffed to his hospital bed.

The question remains, how does an armed white young man go past police and not get shot yet an African American  is shot with no weapon on him.  It took a whole day for police to arrest Rittenhouse after allegedly fatally shooting two individuals. Rittenhouse reportedly made hand gestures signaling to the police force of something right before he ran up and began shooting at the protesters. 

People all over the country are hoping the three individuals shot receive justice as well as Jacob Blake and the many others who have died due to the result of racism.

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