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Masika Kalysha faces backlash for fake kidnapping to promote ‘Only Fans’ account


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Former Love and Hip Hop star, Masika Kalysha is being dragged on social media for posting a video on Instagram where she acted out a scene pretending to be a victim of human trafficking. The video was made to get donations for her “Only Fans” account alongside the R.O.S.E. Organization. R.O.S.E. is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping women and children who are victims of sexual trafficking and exploitation. Toni Rivera, the president of the organization responded to followers claiming she never approved of the video.

In the video, Masika is dressed in a bra and panty, and has what appears to be bruises on her body while crying because she’s been “kidnapped.” She describes how she’s being held hostage in “a warehouse somewhere” and the only way they’ll set her free is if people donate money to her ‘Only Fans’ account. After being heavily criticized from followers who called the act “insensitive” and “tone deaf”, she then posted a second video stating that she did it to add a “shock factor”, and to direct everyone’s attention to the R.O.S.E. Organization in order to get more information on how to end child and human sex trafficking.

Rivera then responded to the video by posting her own video on the organization’s Instagram, claiming that she never approved the video, and they are not collaborating with Masika to receive donations from “Only Fans.”

Masika clapped back by posting a screenshot of what appeared to be a letter from them stating that she is actually on the board of the ROSE Organization. She then mentioned in the caption that she is stepping down from her position. The president claimed that the reality star’s screenshot wasn’t authentic because she never saw it and it wasn’t on her  letterhead.

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“Your exuberant enthusiasm, your life story and an established trajectory of committing to serve others is most honorable. You are the kind of person we need on our platform. More important, you are who the world needs to see to heal broken hearts and restore the lives of women, children and men to wholeness.“ These were the beautiful words that welcomed me to to the board of advisors at @r.o.s.e._organization hmm. My platform is what you wanted until you got it & saw how difficult it is to stand firm and maintain your purpose while others try to tear you down. This is my daily life. I take the bricks thrown at me and build mansions. Toni you allowed the negative comments to supersede the end goal: saving lives and rescuing women and children. @tonidrivera I understand how difficult it is to stand firm under pressure, especially when you’re not used to the type of social media bullying that I receive on a daily basis, so I’m not upset at the fear you’re displaying. It’s hot. Yes. But the same hot water that hardens an egg softens a potato. I thank God that I harden in the fire while others that walk beside me soften. That does not make them weak, it simply means that we shouldn’t be in the same pot. Even though you took your very 1st moment of press to turn on me, instead of using it to bring awareness, I’m very happy that you have the spot light because the heart of your organization is beautiful, and I still stand firm in my support with @r.o.s.e._organization and its efforts to save victims of human trafficking. It is with great sadness that I am choosing to step down from the advisory board, but this will NOT slow down my efforts in this battle. Respectfully -MK

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She then slammed Masika for triggering her audience about sex trafficking and using it to promote “Only Fans,” which is a platform she does not condone. Masika didn’t let that stop her because she pulled out more receipts, and this time it was screen recording of the letter she allegedly got from the company, and text messages of what look liked her communicating with other board members. Rivera, has not yet responded to those accusations.

Masika filmed the controversial video while on set of the new UMC show “Double Cross.” The show will shed light on sex trafficking. UMC has now released a statement that they will be parting ways with Masika and immediately recasting her role.

The R.O.S.E. Organization was established to provide the essentials needed for women and children who are victims of trafficking and is dedicated to ensure that missing trafficked women and children are valued and their humanity restored; and if possible, returned to their families. You can find more information at

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