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Gladys Knight “Verzuz” Patti Labelle




Good friends and legends, Gladys Knight and Patti Labelle, came together for a nostalgic celebration last night with Verzuz TV to showcase their timeless music. 

These two gifted divas brought back memories, discussing their careers, and shared love for music in between their favorite songs. Gladys spoke about the impact of the event, “People can hear us and talk about things that we feel in our hearts,” said Knight.

In the midst of some of the songs, Patti and Gladys were getting their whole life together on stage while grooving to their songs. These ladies brought back the grown people’s music for the older crowd and new generations to come. 

Patti Labelle dedicated “If Only You Knew” to Gladys for being a good friend for many years. 

They brought out the “I’ll Never Love This Way Again” singer and friend,  Mrs. Dionne Warwick, for the last round. Dionne sang “That’s What Friends Are For” and helped close out with the last song “Superwoman.” 

Gladys and Patti put on their best for this head to head battle. 

Gladys explained, “We wanted to give you a piece of our hearts and minds and to tell you about the stories they have been singing about forever and forever. Most of them were surrounded with love… and sometimes life.”

Gladys Knight and Patti Labelle’s main focus was more than just music, it was about “Love, life, and wonderful things.”

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