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It’s official- Tyler Perry is a billionaire.

tylerperry- Photo Courtesy of

tylerperry- Photo Courtesy of


According to Forbes, Tyler Perry is officially a billionaire. 

Over the course of his almost 30-year career, he developed several hit plays, TV shows, and films such as Diary of a Mad Black Woman

In October of 2019, Perry opened Tyler Perry Studios, a $250 million film production company built on what was once a Confederate military base in Atlanta, Georgia.Tyler Perry Studios Will Include Compound For Homeless & Trafficked Women,  LGBTQ Youth - Spectacular Magazine

“The studio was once a Confederate Army base,” he said at the 2019 BET Awards. “And, I want you to hear this, which meant that there was Confederate soldiers on that base, plotting and planning on how to keep 3.9 million negroes enslaved,” said Perry. “Now that land is owned by one negro.”

Tyler Perry Studios made history by being the only major motion picture studio on the east coast and one of the largest in the world. 

“While everybody was fighting for a seat at the table talking about #OscarsSoWhite, #OscarsSoWhite, I said, ‘Y’all go ahead and do that,’” he said. “But while you’re fighting for a seat at the table, I’ll be down in Atlanta building my own,” said Perry. “Because what I know for sure is that if I could just build this table, God will prepare it for me in the presence of my enemies.”

Before becoming a world renowned actor, writer, producer, director, playwright, entrepreneur, and philanthropist, he grew up in a household where he endured constant abuse from his father. Perry grew up in poverty and did not graduate from high school although he eventually earned his GED before discovering his true passion. 

He credits his mother for helping him get by through faith. 

“My mother didn’t have millions of dollars to give me but what she had was great faith. She believed in God, she believed in Jesus, she would take me to church, and I’m grateful for her because what I know this day is that if you don’t give your children something to turn to, they’re going to turn to something in hard times. So, “For me the gift she gave me was God,” said Perry. “I didn’t have to turn to drugs or any other thing to get relief to make it through.”

According to Forbes, Tyler Perry’s net worth is an estimated $1 billion.