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Artists who are venturing outside of music to generate income


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With COVID-19 still affecting thousands, artists are coming up with more ways to generate money. Musicians like Travis Scott and Selena Gomez have new ventures from fast food endorsements to beauty lines.

Artists like Kaytranada are trying to create a cash flow through virtual concerts as well as venturing out to other means of income including new fashion collaborations and clothing lines.

The fear of musicians stepping away from music is what is on fans’ minds. Of course, one particular artist, in particular, is the queen of making money moves, Rihanna, who has a clothing line, lingerie line, and makeup line, and skincare line has yet to come out with another album.

Rihanna has been dropping new pieces for her lingerie line back to back.

Even celebrities like Cardi B are venturing out to generate income. The female rapper collaborated with Reebok to design a sneaker with a unique style.

If many artists are separating from their music to pursue other endeavors, will fans be okay if the artists may never make music again?

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