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Christmas, it’s the first six letters for me




Christmas is every year December 25th, yet it seems like the big day arrives earlier and earlier every year. Your amazon packages are late, gifts still need to be purchased, and your Christmas tree is bare. The days seem to be on holiday hours, and you feel as if you didn’t get a full 24 hours. Does this sound familiar? Are you looking forward to December 26th just so you can say you survived Christmas? Here are three ways to take time to remember the reason for the season and step away from the commercialized part of the holiday season.

1.Read the story of Christmas

Yes, you know the story. It is probably memorized by now, however there are gems within the text that you can easily overlook. Take time and meditate on the story. Separate yourself from the holiday madness. Schedule time to fully acknowledge and appreciate the gift of Jesus Christ.

2.Spend time, not money

Christmas has become more of a financial burden than a day to fellowship and celebrate the birth of Jesus. Gifts as we know are good, the three wise men brought them for Jesus. However, this year really enjoy the time you have and focus on checking in on your family members. Give your undivided attention or advice.

3.Movie night

The Star, the animated movie of the story of Christmas is great for the whole family. Christmas is usually filled with Santa centered movies, but this year discover movies that bring Jesus’ birth to the forefront. Find new classics to watch every year and discuss them after viewing.

The hustle and bustle of Christmas will always be there but remember the real reason for the season. Slow down and find peace in Jesus and be encouraged in the story of his birth.

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