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Good grief, it’s almost Christmas: Coping with grief with God during the holidays.




The year 2020 is almost over, can I get an amen. Many of us have experienced sickness, job loss, and major lifestyle changes. Also many have lost loved ones due to the spread of Covid-19. As the holiday season seems to distract some from reality, others are too deep in grief to even celebrate. 

Remember Christmas as a kid? You went to bed early and imagined all the gifts you would receive the next day. You watched family movies and sipped on hot cocoa. Then one day you grew up and the Christmas spirit seemed to dwindle inside of you. You are now consumed with bills and work. Christmas has become a day you get through rather than a day you celebrate. However what if we were to be like kids again. To see the beauty in the holiday rather than be consumed of problems of the world. When we wake up we enjoy the gift of life and joy. However most of us cannot forget that instead of ugly sweater parties we are having ugly mask parties. Instead of family dinners we are having family zoom calls. Yes, our daily lives have been altered and we have lost a lot this year, time, people, and opportunities. Yet what we haven’t lost and will never lose is God. 

Think of the birth of Jesus. In the years of us watching Christmas plays that showcase the adorable reenactment of the reason for the season. We often forget that during the birth of Jesus there were many trials and tribulations and even great amount of death. Still God allowed goodness to enter into this world through the birth of Jesus. Find comfort in knowing that God is a way maker. Grief may be consuming you, but let God’s grace and mercy renew you. Find comfort in these scriptures. 



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