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Pharrell’s ‘Voices of Fire’ is a hit

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Pharrell Williams‘s uncle, Pastor Ezekiel Williams, has a new Netflix show. The six-part documentary discovers fresh new voices from different walks of life to form a non-traditional gospel choir.

The documentary begins at Bishop William’s church, Faith World Ministries, with judges Peggy Britt, Patrick Riddick, and Larry George.

Riddick, who is the choir director, fills up the room with his lively personality. George is the music director, while Britt is the choir’s vocal coach.

Pastor Williams said, “I always had a dream to build the most inspirational choir.” Throughout the audition process, executive producer Pharrell and the judges searched for “unicorns.” In other words, they wanted people in the choir with an enormous amount of talent.

The beauty of the series was the “unicorns” they chose to highlight. Many of the artists who were showcased had a wonderful testimony that inspired viewers to aim for the stars.

One of the artist highlighted was a young girl named Elana. She grew up with one ear and talks about her alternate way of learning music.

Marcus, the bass singer who almost lost his life at a party and believed he would never be able to walk again, showed viewers how valuable life truly is.

In the end, Pharrell surprises the choir, now known as Voices of Fire by offering to record an album with them.

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