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2021 Inaugural Gospel Celebration: An evening of inspiration and unity


Canva, DeWayne Rogers,


The Presidential term is coming to an end, and a new one is set to begin. The inaugural festivities will begin January 20th. The 2021 Inaugural Gospel Association will be celebrating the historic day with prayer, fellowship and music. This year the musical guests will be composed of the top Gospel artists in the industry.

The celebration will be compliant to Covid-19 regulations and will be held virtually. It will be streamed and also serve as a fundraiser benefiting The National Baptist Convention. Fred Hammond shared in an interview with NPR that he will be in attendance. Hammond shared his hope for the new term,

            There’s still hope. You know, even in the midst of it having to be closed off, I just feel like there is a chance for us to get it right. And that’s my prayer, is that this administration can get us on track to get it right. You know, I’m all for people who vote for whoever they want to vote for. But we’ve seen what can happen when, you know, people don’t care. And I believe that this administration cares, and so therefore there’s a chance. And no matter what – if nobody’s in the mall – on the mall, if there’s gates 20 feet high and 20,000 soldiers, our democracy is still going on. You know, that – nothing can really stop it.  (Hammond NPR)

This event is an effort to provide hope and bring unity. The event will showcase performances from a host of talented artists including Koryn Hawthorne, Jonathan McReynolds, Le’Andria Johnson, Tye Tribbett, Bryan Popin, Jokia, JJ Hairston, Marvin Sapp, Todd Dulaney, Titus Showers, Spencer Taylor and The Highways QCs.

If you would like more information and to reserve a ticket be sure to visit the website.