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The Link Entertainment celebrates Black History Month by highlighting Black inventors, movies, music, HBCUs and journalists



Black History Month is a dedicated time out of every year to celebrate the accomplishments of Black people in the past and present. From developing inventions to portraying our history in films, creating songs that speak to our reality, banning together to obtain a higher education and making sure we are the ones that tell our story. Black people are truly powerful and a force to be reckoned with.

Now, there’s no way that we can highlight the magical force of Black Power all in one month…and the shortest month at that. So we decided to throw in a 5th quarter and celebrate Black History Month for 5 weeks long.

Each week we will highlight Blacks in different fields. So go ahead and save and share this link to expand you and your friends’ Black knowledge. Oh, and we added a playlist on Apple Music titled Black Is Power, for you to vibe to all month long and beyond.

Black Inventors

Black stories told through film

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Songs based on Black power and Black Inequality

We’re so glad we have HBCUs

Black Journalists