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A new Summer stimmy is on the way, provided by Bud Light



Summer is approaching and people are ready to enjoy pre-pandemic activities. Such as social drinking at a bar, sporting events, and even concerts. Well Budweiser is helping to make that a reality. The beer company has introduced “Bud Light Summer Stimmy.”  The proposal is valued up to $10 million in prizes. Bud Light will be gifting 100k free sports tickets, live music tickets, and they will even buy your first round when you return to the bars.

This may not be an official stimulus like the long-awaited check that many Americans received in the mail. It sure will bring the same joy to those lucky winners. However, Budweiser has gone as far as to create a 100-page addendum. Also, they recruited NFL player Rob Gronkowski to be the “Bud Light Secretary of Summer.” They also have VEEP actor Sam Richardson to serve as the “Appointed Bud Light Summer Stimmy Reader.”

You can visit the sight to sign the proposal and maybe you will be one of the lucky winners.