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Steelers draft pick Najee Harris throws party for Homeless shelter kids



Najee Harris is living proof that no matter what life throws at you God knows your true purpose. Just hours before the draft former Alabama Running back Najee Harris returned to the Greater Richmond Interfaith Program homeless shelter where he and his family onced lived.

Harris’ parents and his four other siblings all lived in a small room at the shelter back in 2010. 

“It was really emotional for my mom,” the running back told KRON’s Kylen Mills. “Almost like she was crying in a way because we have a lot of memories here. That was a time in our life when we were really low. It brought back a lot of memories of what we were going through at the time — for me, too. “Seeing the Richmond house brings back a lot of memories of me playing basketball there, people there. It was an emotional thing for us. Just doing this makes me and my family feel a lot more better.”

The Celebration was a high time for Harris and his family, he wanted to use it as an opportunity to extend support to those who are facing similar hardships he and his family had faced.

The Steelers selected Harris with the 24th overall pick Thursday night, confident he can help a rushing attack that finished 32nd in the NFL in yards rushing in 2020. 

Harris is working on forming a non-profit organization in Richmond and hopes to continue giving back to the shelter in the years to come.

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