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A DMX gospel album could be on the way


Entertainment Tonight


It is devastating for fans to lose an artist that has inspired them. It is comforting to have music released after their passing to keep their legacy and memory alive. Artists such as Pop Smoke has had multiple songs released after his passing that has been greatly received by fans. The sudden passing of DMX left fans hurting all over the world. There could be an exciting release for grieving fans in the near future.

Rumors have been circulating that there is potentially a gospel album to be released on behalf of DMX. DMX was vocal of his faith in his music and it was evident in posthumous released album ‘Exodus.’

According to Swizz Beatz the material exists. Beatz also stated, “He’s not here but we do have the vocals and everything like that.” There is allegedly a lot of music by DMX ready to be released including a variety of gospel music.

DMX legacy is still continuing and although hearts of fans are still hurting a new album may be just the thing to help get through such a difficult time.