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Wes Lee The Wordsmith gives artistic vibes in new music video “Flying Lotus”

Wes Lee The Wordsmith


Atlanta Indie artist Wes Lee The Wordsmith is a raw Edgar Allen Poe type of rapper. His poetic skills mixed with his original Hip Hop structure makes his music stand out. 

“I’ve been writing poetry since I was 12 years old. I was always one of those guys not too worried about instrumentation as much as I cared about the substance,” said Wes Lee.

His love for lyricism grew, joining a nonprofit organization in college called Wave Road Discovery Inc. Wes Lee, spoke about how the program helped develop young artists, along with enriching the community through literary expression. After a few months in the program he became the president, dedicating 3.5 years growing the organization over all, where he resides today as a mentor helping student leadership gain experience. 

When deciding about making his dreams into a reality he focused more on balancing the leverage of life, instead of becoming a quick mainstream artist. 

“The first thing I had to learn how to do was be an adult. My main focus was not always following a pipe dream and trying to get signed to a label, but I’m also humble enough to realize that you have to have the means to be able to do things your own way. You have to actually have the resources they give you the leverage to say no to certain things, to make certain requests in the world.”

While going through a lot growing up Wes Lee kept his talent hidden. It wasn’t until 7th grade where he stood out from the crowd and got everyone talking about his poetry. He pushed himself to make sure his next piece was better than his last. 

When asked about his new music video that dropped he gave insight behind the creative visual:

“My inspiration for the day was on some common type with inner city vibes, I had put my outfit together before coming together and when thinking of a location I thought my tattoo artist had a shop and I ain’t been to his new shop, but it’s like an art gallery. I called him to see if we could push up to the art studio to shoot some content. We hopped in the car and drove over there. As I was going through my phone and the line that caught everyone off guard was my beauty will never be tainted irregardless of the pictures they painted they ain’t artist, that was literally the line that caught everyone’s attention in that setting and Literally boom that’s how It got made.”

Shawn Wes Lee the Wordsmith joined us on our Instagram Live show “Link Live” to tell us about his influence with his music. Check out the interview to get up close and personal with The Wordsmith as he talks about growing up, his new EP COPE Deluxe, and newest creative music video “Flying Lotus.” He tells us to tap in and stay tuned! 

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