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An official Ol’ Dirty Bastard documentary is coming to A&E 




Wu-Tang Clan’s Ol’ Dirty Bastard estate to co-produce a documentary with never-before-seen archival footage of the late hip-hop icon that will be coming to A&E Network.

The “definitive” documentary focuses on “his artistry and legacy, the documentary is an unflinching look at the complexities of his life including addiction, adultery, fame, mental illness, sudden wealth, race and criminal justice, and will ask the question of just how complicit the media and music industry were in hastening his demise” said a recent press release.

Biography: Ol’ Dirty Bastard is the unofficial title that will focus on celebrating ODB’s solo career, ranging from his debut album in 1995.

The film is co-directed by Sam Pollard and Pollard’s son, editor Jason Pollard as well as produced by Nicole Beckett and Messiah Jacobs at Four Screens along with Pulse Films.

“ODB completely redefined what it meant to be an MC. A genius who lived and breathed his art. We are thrilled to have Sam and Jason Pollard on board, who are the perfect filmmakers to tell this amazing story for the first time. There will never be anyone quite like ODB and we are so grateful to his family and friends for inviting us into his world.” Sam Bridger, executive producer for Pulse Films noted.

The documentary also looks at the Wu-Tang Clan icon and “humanizes ODB as a man, a father, and a husband like never before… providing an intimate picture of ODB’s life and reflecting on his lasting impact on music and culture,” and will provide “a never-before-seen personal archive shot by his wife, Icelene Jones, and access to his closest friends and family.”

Ultimately, viewers will get a closer look into him as a son, father, husband as well as an artist until his untimely death in 2004.

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