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Marvin Sapp releases his 15th album, Substance


On Friday, June 10, Marvin Sapp released his 15th studio album entitled, “Substance.”

In a press release, Sapp expresses that his “hope is that the musicality of Substance is so entertaining that people will listen to it over and over again.” 

Sapp accomplishes exactly that with his lead single “All in Your Hands” and other standout tracks on the album. 

In collaboration with Stan Jones, Sapp addresses the anxieties people experienced due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

He goes on to say, “It speaks directly to the unsurety, the stress and pain and tells us that we do not have to worry about these things because God made us some promises, and we know He keeps His promises.”

The album also features the song, “You Kept Me,” co-written by Jamorne Davis, and “Serve the Lord” featuring the Williams Singers.

He also included remixes of his classic songs such as, “Not the time, Not the Place” and “Grace and Mercy.”

Although Sapp is not new to the music industry, it is his first time working with all aspects of putting out an album. He admits that releasing this project through his own record label was challenging.

“Being the artist and the label was a new experience,” says Sapp. “I’m used to recording the album, turning it in and letting the label do what it does best with administration, marketing and promotions. This time, I was the artist, conceptualizing and creating, and the label head, looking over budgets, production, marketing and promotions.”

Despite any difficulties he has faced, Sapp desires to use his God-given gift to create music people enjoy while receiving a spiritual takeaway at the same time.

If you are looking to feed your spirit, give this album a listen.

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