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Keke Palmer launches digital TV network, KeyTV




Keke, “Always has a job,” Palmer has just announced a new business venture. She has created a digital television network, KeyTv.

The premise of KeyTv is for creatives to sharpen their skills when it comes to producing, directing and so much more! 

In the promotional video posted to her Instagram, she highlighted her roles as being an actress, singer, writer and director. She also discussed how she wants to give the keys to her success to the younger generation. 

While Palmer does have her company ready to produce and create content, she is also looking for people to join her creative collective.

In an additional video posted to her Instagram, she talked about wanting to add her people to her collective and to work behind the scenes. In her caption, she goes in depth by saying, “ What if I told you, we just need more you. 🔑🔑🔑 #keytvnetwork#keystotheculture

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