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Relationship vs. Religion


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God desires intimacy with you. He desires to know your deepest, darkest secrets and the parts of you that no one else is allowed to see. He wants you to spend quality time getting to know Him daily. 

But what happens when that quality time becomes just another thing to check off your to- do list? What does it mean when you no longer find joy in prayer and reading your Bible?

These might be signs that you are focusing more on a religious practice than actually building an intimate relationship with God.

A daily devotion can become performative when your heart posture is not in the right place. Sometimes we can focus more on maintaining a routine that creates a surface level relationship with God, instead of diving deeper, going beyond our comfort zones. 

Take the Pharisees for example. Their minds were so stuck on trying to keep up religious laws and practices, that they missed the fact that Jesus was trying to free them from it! Their minds were closed and they didn’t even realize that Jesus was the Messiah. 

Don’t be like the Pharisees. Don’t miss what the Holy Spirit is trying to do in your life because you want to cling on to your routine. 

Don’t try to earn God’s love through works. His love is already yours. He’s just waiting for you to receive it.

If you’re having trouble letting God into your heart, pray this prayer. 


Thank you for being patient with me as I learn 

to allow you into the most inner parts of me. 

Give me the strength and the courage to  

Go beyond surface level with you. 

Mold our relationship into what you desire it to be.

In Jesus’ name -Amen