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BMF & All American star Da’Vinchi opens up about his heart for philanthropy and mental health advocacy




In honor of BMF’s season two premiere, I’d like to highlight one of the show star’s, Da’Vinchi. There’s a lot more to the talented actor than what we see on screen. Outside of his work as an entertainer, he’s also a philanthropist and advocate for mental health.

At the 10th annual National College Resources Foundation Fundraising Gala, I got the chance to hear him speak on causes that truly matter to him. The National College Resources Foundation is an organization dedicated to curtailing the high school dropout rate, and increasing higher education in enrollment within marginalized communities. 

During his speech, he opened up about his experiences with founder Dr. Theresa Price, and what inspired him to partner with the organization. 

He recalled Dr. Price invited him to the Black College Expo in Atlanta, where he gave out a scholarship for the very first time. From that moment forward he knew he wanted to collaborate with Dr. Price further as an ambassador. 

Da’Vinchi also revealed that he is a first generation American who came from a low income household. For him, meeting Dr. Price, was “like gold.” As an artist, he believes that giving back “is the most important thing you ever do.” 

Later on in the night, I also got a few seconds to speak with him. I asked him what his favorite aspect of collaborating with the National College Resources Foundation is. 

He told me that, “Working with NCRF has been amazing because it allows me to work on my philanthropy and work that I really want to do outside of my career on screen.” He went on to say that giving back, “is really where my heart lies.” 

In addition, I inquired about what led him to become an advocate for mental health. Da’Vinchi was candid, and explained to me that he has loved ones who have struggled with their mental condition.

He also stated that, “A lot of people especially  in our communities don’t really know anything about mental health.”

Those reasons are the driving force behind the actor educating himself and others on the psychology behind different aspects of mental health. 

Overall, listening to Da’Vinchi speak was enjoyable and inspiring. His genuine heart for education and philanthropy is unique.