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Police shoot unarmed man 7 times in the back in Kenosha, Wisconsin


The Black Lives Matter Movement is drawing more attention with each passing day due to increased police brutality and racially motivated fatal attacks occurring throughout the country. The latest name gathering national attention to the dehumanizing treatment of Black people is Jacob Blake. Blake, a father of three children, was shot 7 times in the back in front of his own children in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Police officers also tased Blake before firing the shots moments later.

Video evidence and details of the crime are still coming to light. The involved police officers are now placed on administrative leave and the Wisconsin Department of Justice are investigating the shooting. As for Blake, he was transported to the hospital in serious condition. Activist, Shaun King shared a Facebook post from Blake’s father reporting that he is alive and stable.

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This is Jacob Blake, Senior.

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Blake was breaking up a fight between two women before the police got involved. It is unknown who called 911, but reportedly police were responding to a domestic disturbance.

        Although Blake is still alive the hurt and rage of this crime is felt not only by his family, but by the whole Black community. This crime ignited mass protests throughout Kenosha as the video spread throughout social media. Kenosha protesters broke windows, sprayed graffiti, torched cars, and set fire to other administrative buildings. At one point amidst the protests, tear gas was used to disperse the protesters. In an interview with ABC4 News, Governor Tony Evers spoke out against “excessive use of force and immediate escalation.”

In an effort to support Blake’s medical bills and legal fees the family has created a GoFundMe account which has already received over $650,000.

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