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Dr. Oz launches #MoreBlackDoctorsInitiative


Dr. Oz


Dr. Oz has launched the #MoreBlackDoctors initiative as part of his effort to raise awareness about racial biases in hospitals. In an interview with TMZLive, he admitted that one of his staff members helped to educate him on the discrepancies in the Black community in the medical field.

Dr. Oz kicked off the 12th season of his show and was appalled by the stats that black newborns were three times more likely to die under the care of white doctors than black doctors. He was not aware of the high mortality rate among newborns varied by race. Dr. Oz expressed gratitude to the staff member who changed his perspective on medical care for black newborns. If you are an aspiring doctor you can sign up for monthly zoom calls to be hosted by Black doctors on Dr.Oz’s website. Also, be sure to apply to the scholarship program where you could win $10,000.