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Janelle Monae lands first lead role in the new movie, ‘Antebellum’

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Antebellum movie


That’s right, our girl finally snatched her first lead role in a new movie. Janelle Monae will appear on a screen near you in the new horror movie titled, “Antebellum.” 

The new movie that revisits slavery before the Civil War, hence the reason for the movie title, shows viewers how well versed Monae is as an actress. 

In an interview with Movie Show Plus, she shares her feelings toward the movie. 

“I won’t perpetuate the lies,” Monae said. “I want people to remember that when they took us they took nurses, musicians, artists.”

Throughout the interview Monae stressed the importance of educating oneself on history, politics, and the violence pushed upon black women. 

The singer-songwriter who made her acting debut in the film, Moonlight, alongside Andre Holland, Mahershala Ali, and other big name stars continues to prove her versatility as an actress. A few years ago she portrayed an engineer in Hidden Figures, a true story about 3 Black women who contributed to the turning around of the Space Race in the early 1960s. Monae has blessed our eyes again with a new movie and we can’t wait to see what’s in store. 

You can now purchase the film through many streaming apps like Amazon Prime, Vudu, and Apple TV.

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