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Travis Scott teams up with McDonald’s for new menu meal

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Travis Scott and McDonald’s collaborate to form the ‘Travis Scott Meal.’ Today, it was announced on Scott’s twitter with fries and Instagram with his infamous doll hanging off a McDonald bag. Scott is collaborating through his Cactus Jack Label. Travis Scott stated, “I couldn’t be more excited to bring the Cactus Jack x McDonald’s collaboration to life,”

Though McDonald’s has had collabs with artists before, the last memorable collaboration was with singer Justin Timberlake. Timberlake sang a song, ‘I’m Lovin It,’ a remix to their already infamous jingle. McDonald’s also had commercials with celebrities (Whoopi Goldberg, Kanye West, etc.) showing their orders as an advertisement. McDonald’s hasn’t had a star have their personalized meal on the menu in years. Michael Jordan was the last person to do this, and that was in 1992.

Travis Scott and McDonald’s collaboration meal will consist of a quarter pounder with cheese, medium fries, a Sprite, and bbq sauce. What makes this meal even better is that it’s only $6. The remixed meal is dropping next week from September 8th to October 4th. Travis Scott also mentioned excitedly, “We are bringing together two iconic worlds…and I can’t wait for people to see what we have in store.” What is also great about this collaboration is that Scott will be designing clothes to commemorate this moment. Now, if only there can be a Travis Scott doll with every meal purchased.

It is rumored that other big named celebrities will have meal specials as well. However, no one knows if they will have the same great deal as Travis Scott did. What is known is that everyone might be in that McDonald’s drive-thru line.

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