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Who are you wearing? Amazon

Clothing rack courtesy of Canva

Clothing rack courtesy of Canva


Can any of us remember a world without Amazon? In a few clicks you can order that frame you wanted, or those candies you love, and even pantry items. Then magically in 2 days it’s at your door.  The company that delivers smiles is set to start delivering something new very soon.

In the early 2000s Amazon made two major acquisitions. They partnered with and Along with its introduction of Amazon Wardrobe in 2018, which allows customers to try before they buy, has proven to be successful. So, Amazon is no stranger to fashion nor meeting the needs of consumers. Yet they are back again making waves in the fashion industry.

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Amazon is supposedly launching a luxury brand platform. The billion-dollar company has yet to confirm nor deny the rumors. An Amazon spokesperson told Footwear News, “We can’t comment on rumors or speculation.” However, it is expected to launch as soon as September 2020.

It is unclear exactly how the platform will be designed, yet Amazon always delivers. The concerns are that Amazon may not be able to execute selling luxury as easily as the common brand socks. Another concern is that Amazon may begin to dominate and reach an oligopoly. Its convenience and affordability sets it apart and naturally attracts consumers. As Amazon enters a new realm in the fashion industry, we will all be patiently awaiting to get luxury items delivered quickly to our door.