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Five ways to enjoy reading your Bible in 2021




A new year is here, we are officially in 2021. Feel any different yet? Some may have vowed no sugar, others have started working out. While you may have included in your resolutions to dive into God’s word. Starting at Genesis and working your way through may not be feasible for some readers, it’s not for everyone. Here are five ways to read the Bible that will help you keep up your New Year’s resolution.

  1. Word Search

Remember those scriptures you had to learn in Vacation Bible School. See if you can recite them. Then find them in the Bible and remember the importance of those scriptures and read the full chapter to really grasp it in all of its context.

  • Change The Translation

It is sometimes hard to comprehend scriptures in different translations. Find one that says it best for you. Have a favorite scripture, see if it reads differently in another translation.

  • Start Bible Club

You’ve heard of book club, why not read the books of the bible. Get some friends and have everyone read the same chapter or section and have a discussion. If you need help comprehending, consider inviting your Pastor. This is also a pandemic safe event that can be conducted on Zoom.

Can one even remember when we didn’t have a Bible in our back pocket? In a few taps we can have every book, chapter, verse in a variety of translations. There are cool features that can help with comprehension and consistency. The app keeps a log of your use, by showing your streaks. This will allow you to hold yourself accountable. Also, you can search specific words that may be on your heart. Then multiple scriptures that pertain to that word will appear allowing you to see exactly what God says.

  • Start a devotional

The Bible is a good read, but not an easy read. It’s ok to need guidance. If you have specific interest that you want to focus on you can easily find a devotional that will address that topic. There are great topics available in ‘The Bible App,’ as well as physical copies you can easily order online.

This year is limitless, you can do anything you put your mind, with God. If you have something that you are battling, or questioning find comfort in God’s word. Immerse yourself in his word and you’ll be amazed at all the benefits you will reap. Happy reading!