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Janessa Smith, at age 11 is the youngest person on the Christian Billboard charts


Kevin Smith


“One day, one day. We’ll go up to Heaven. All you got to do is get baptized. All you have to do is get the Holy Ghost”

Gospel music has a way of speaking to our soul all while glorifying God. In certain songs the lyrics seem to read your whole life or say the very words you were trying to articulate. The above lyrics came from the voice of a seven-year old girl, who soon became the youngest person on the Christian Billboards for her latest single “He’s Able.”

Janessa Smith, at the early age of seven, her parents overheard her singing a song they did not recognize. Smith confessed that she had written it herself. The proud parents soon led her through the process of recording and distributing her original song.

Smith’s captivating voice quickly reached beyond her home state of New York. Her music now available on most streaming platforms has been played in the Caribbean, South Africa, and Nigeria.

Smith, now the age of 11, is the average preteen. She has school and homework to juggle however, she happens to be a singer and song writer that has sustained her place at the top of the Christian Billboards.

The young singer stated, “Recording music is fun to me, but I like to do stuff like other kids, too, like making TikTok videos.” Although her early success has led to great things, Smith aspires to become a psychologist when she grows up.

God has used this young lady and she has gracefully shared her gifts to the world. Whichever path she is led to, she will continue to do great work. If you would like to hear her music check your favorite music streaming platform for her latest content.