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Levi Bloom rolls out a vibe with new single ‘Slow’


Levi Bloom


Levi Bloom is the next wave you need to ride. This rising rap star is bound to be every teenage girl’s crush. His newest single ‘Slow’ takes the cool and scenic route in talking through everyday situations about relationships.

My homies is always racing cars so it was a word play on I wouldn’t want to jump right in to a home-run with the girl. I like to take things slow. Let’s have a good time, let’s roll the windows down and cruise and get to know each other. I’m like a lover boy…it was just based on an adventure really.

Bloom is a Kentucky native who has drawn his music inspiration from Yung Pinch, Jack Harlow, Lil Uzi Vert, Drake, Trippie Redd, Landon Cube and a few others. Despite the rap industry’s bad reputation of using derogatory language when it comes to women, Levi says he is a gentleman.

I’m a gentleman. Any of the music I make about the ladies is respectful. I respect all of y’all. Y’all are our queens. Y’all not going to catch me out here acting a fool or nothing. I’m a gentleman, I’m respectful.

At only 22 years old, Levi is on the path to be a powerful force on the music scene. His sound is a blend of Alternative and Pop Urban creating a unique mix with high energy influences. He also has a sense of style which he describes as skater with a beach vibe. When asked if he could be endorsed by any fashion house who would it be he of course said Levi.

There’s a lot of success and milestones coming Levi’s way but he gives all the credit to God.

I give all glory and honor to God. I want everybody to know that. I’m very straight forward when it comes to that… I love God and I’m thankful for everything. I’m not a cocky dude.

When asked about how he focuses on his faith to keep going Levi had this to say:

Sometimes when you’re all alone and you’re down God is all you got and I’m a firm believer. I been through a lot lately. God ain’t going to put you in a situation he can’t get you out of. So as soon as you feel down and bad like you can’t get out of it keep doing you. Keep grinding and don’t give up cause you feel sorry for yourself. Pray about it, let God do his thing, and even if it ain’t what you wanted Him to do He did that for a reason and some of the stuff I went through lately was the last stuff I wanted in the world, but it happened and now that its happened other things have already escalated off of that, that I don’t think would have happened if it would have went the way I wanted it to. So there’s a bigger picture for you. You just got to let IT happen, you can’t make it happen, you can’t choose when it happens, it’s going to happen whether you like it or not.

Levi joined us on Instagram Live to celebrate the release of his single ‘Slow.’ Check out the interview to get up close and personal with Levi as he talks about music, relationships, God and his family which includes a twin brother who joined the conversation.

You can listen to ‘Slow’ on Spotify, Apple Music, ITunes, Amazon and Shazam.

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