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Netflix musical documentary ‘Dark City Beneath the Beat’ highlights Baltimore club music



A new documentary is coming to Netflix titled ‘Dark City Beneath the Beat,’on April 15th. The musical documentary will be produced by Issa Rae where throughout the film they will highlight Baltimore club music.

Baltimore club music has largely gone undocumented even though it stays alive in the Baltimore city. The musical documentary plans to reimagine the narrative of the city of Baltimore through its unique sound and dance known as Baltimore club music.

The documentary aims to spotlight the joy that is in Baltimore club music and the rich culture the city offers beyond what the media has portrayed of the city and its people.

Baltimore club music may have been overlooked but Tedra Wilson, TT the Artist, is bringing the scene to our TV screens. TT has been working on this hour long documentary since 2011, highlighting the Baltimore club music and dance culture featuring Baltimore artists.

What is Baltimore club music?

Baltimore club music began in the 90s with a simple drum loop and repetitive lyrics This was a period where black artists weren’t being supported by the industry and they were creating their own lanes and building audiences through the clubs. By the mid-2000s Baltimore club music transitioned where artists such as the legendary K-Swift.

TT the Artist served as the director, editor and executive producer. Mighty Mark served as music producer of the documentary. The soundtrack promoted by Rae’s record label, Raedio has 18 songs featuring DJ AngelBaby, DJ Class, Michael J.R., Kariz Marcel, Eze Jackson, among others.

TT the Artist may be from Florida but she graduated from Maryland Institute College of Art’s Fine Arts program where she became a part of the Baltimore community. She later grew into an artist of her own as she performed in the area. Through art and music, she creates a well-blended sound of hip hop, pop, club and EDM. 

“I just thought the world so oftentimes thinks about Baltimore and immediately thinks about violence, drugs and murder,” says Rose DiFerdinando who will serve as the executive producer and stylist. “To have a platform like Netflix that is just so prevalent in influencing mainstream media through the stories they decide to share is just huge. I really hope people come away from the film with a new vision.” 

This a documentary you do not want to miss. Be sure to add it to your watch list.