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Elevation Worship and Maverick City release joint album “Old Church Basement”


Elevation Church


What happens when two musical phenomena get together? A masterpiece. Elevation Worship and Maverick City have finally released their new joint album “Old Church Basement.” 

This album has been in the works for months. Aside from the slack they received during the recording of the album, they have released beautiful songs. ‘Jireh’ has already topped the charts for Christian music. 

When talking about the hit song, Dante Bowe said, “No matter how many times we did, it got more impactful.” 

Naomi Raine expressed, “Writing was really fun, but it really stretched us.”

She also spoke about the “Little bit of pressure” on the two groups since it was not common to collaborate with another worship group of this magnitude. 

They also released songs such as ‘Talking To Jesus’ and ‘Wait On You.’ To celebrate this album coming out, they went live streaming on YouTube. 

Before the album was released, they got together to talk about the collaboration, favorite moments, and more. 

When speaking about the album Pastor Steven Furtick, talked about the start and creation of the album. He even referenced how he wanted to make a song about an old church basement in the car from Charleston with his wife, Holly Furtick.

Tony Brown from Maverick City said, “I think God honors weak yes’ in heart,” when talking about collaborating with other worship teams such as Elevation Worship. 

Furtick even sang and played with a guitar and explained the story behind the song, ‘Wait On You.’ 

When talking about this album Furtick said, “My kids will sit there and see it as foundational.”