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Bad Bunny and Cheetos partner to bring style and flavor to a limited time Adidas collection



Bad Bunny not only makes great music but has been featured in multiple collaborations and advertisements. Bad Bunny has been seen in commercials with Snoop Dogg for Corona beverage company. As well as, a continuous partner with Cheetos, a snack company. The mascot Chester Cheetah and Bad Bunny have joined forces for a unique partnership with Adidas.

The limited collection will be unique in style similar to how Bad Bunny dresses with the classic orange cheetah print associated with the Cheetos brand. 

This is all in part a continuation of the ‘Deja tu Huella’ campaign meaning ‘leave your mark.’ As the campaign enters its second phase the efforts will continue to highlight the Hispanic community. The ‘Deja tu Huella Estudiante Fund’ will host a contest and will award $500,000 to students in the U.S and Puerto Rico. Pepsi Co, Cheetos parent company, has also committed to donating $275 million to Hispanic and Latinx communities. 

Bad Bunny stated, ” It’s an honor to give back to the Hispanic community that has done so much for me. Between music and fashion there are so many ways to leave your mark on culture, and I want to encourage everyone to follow whatever path inspires them.”

The collection will be available for purchase August 6th, but if you cannot wait to get your hands on the collection you can be one of the first 100 people to get exclusive access. All you have to do is get the tasty orange cheese dust on your fingers now called “Cheetle,” go to and with special technology to validate your cheesy fingers you could potentially be amongst the first to gain access.

If you or someone you know is interested in entering the student contest, you can submit an application until August 18th, 2021.