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McClure Twins release a children’s book titled “Make It Fashion”



The adorable McClure Twins have been winning over the hearts of viewers on their YouTube channel since their video of them realizing they were twins went viral. The sisters now seven year olds have grown their following to the 2 millions and continue to produce engaging and fun content.

The twins have been named “Top influential kids,” as they hold a host of titles at such a young age. They now can add authors to the list. Their new book, which is part of a two part deal titled, “Make It Fashion,” is now available for purchased. The story follows the twins Alexis and Ava as they struggle to agree on what to wear to a fashion show, then the loving sisters are reminded of their promise they made to each other to “strut together and make it fashion.” The children’s book is beautifully illustrated by Courtney Dawson.

This is a book that any child will love. These twins are definitely two to watch as they inspire the youth one video, and now one book at a time. Grab your copy of “Make It Fashion,” on Amazon today!