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Gospel artist Todd Dulaney launches a virtual music production company for up and coming musicians



Gospel artist Todd Dulaney goes beyond the microphone to allow up and coming musicians to develop their artistry through his subscription based music production company.

The company came about due to Dulaney witnessing raw talent going undiscovered due to artist lacking the resources and connections. He has now closed the gap through his production company called, DulaneyLand. The service allows users to create content at a fast rate all while maintaining quality.

Dulaney stated, ” I’ve always wanted to even the playing field for aspiring artists everywhere, and the one place I knew we could make a real difference is granting access to top tier music production.”

DulaneyLand is affordable and is customizable to various artist needs. As it already has over 500 paid members and 76 clients this platform will definitely give budding artist just what the need to succeed.