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26-year-old Black man celebrates one year of his luxury Eartha Watch Company

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Black Market Production


Philadelphia native, Emir Horton is on his way to dominating the watch industry. At the young age of 26 this Black man owns the luxury Eartha Watch Company.

In 2018, Horton moved to Los Angeles, California to pursue his dreams of acting and producing. With the cost of living in LA being so high he had to think about ways that he could bring in multiple streams of income. He then realized his love of watches and how he had been collecting them since a child. From this awareness he decided to create a watch brand.

Having no mentors or knowledge on how to build a watch company, Horton did extensive research and seeked God for counsel to guide him along the way. He personally designed each watch and found a manufacturer that could bring his ideas to life. When it came time to name the company it was a no brainer for Horton. He wanted his watches to represent strength and legacy so he settled upon the name Eartha which is his grandmother’s name.

Eartha Watch Company_Ani Harutyunyan
Eartha Watch Company_Ani Harutyunyan

On September 1, 2020 Horton officially launched the Eartha Watch Company. He specifically chose this day because it marks the anniversary of him moving to LA. As of today, Horton is celebrating three years in California and the one year anniversary of his watch brand. In just one year the first watch collection is almost sold out.

Eartha Watch Company is all about connecting time to the mission. Eartha watches are designed to empower a generation of thought leaders, innovators, and visionaries on a mission. So when you buy an Eartha Watch think about your goals and purpose in life. Then create a plan to accomplish them. With an Eartha on your wrist along the way you’ll be surprised to see what you achieve in the time you were given.

“Eartha watches serve as a reminder of the rich resource of time which we all have been given to reach our highest potential. Our aim is to leave a legacy of luxury, excellence and above all things, service.”

— Emir Horton, Eartha Watch Company

You can purchase an Eartha Watch for you or a loved one by visiting

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