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Shirley Raines founder of ‘Beauty 2 The Streetz’ provides self care to the homeless community in LA



Homelessness is an issue that should not be ignored. Many factors can lead to one becoming homeless such as job loss, displacement due to natural disasters, and countless other reasons. At the root of it all people you may see asking for food or money are in fact people. They have needs beyond the obvious necessities. Shirley Raines, founder of Beauty 2 Streetz, has created an organization that brings self care to the homeless in LA.

Raines is a bold, self-aware woman that has a passion for helping people. Self-care for her was ingrained at an early age by her family, and she views it as an important ritual to uphold. Through a painful death of her young son 30 years ago, created a drive to help those that have been hurt and broken by life. Six years her organization has been providing self-care every Saturday on “Skid Row,” in Los Angeles, CA. She provides food, showers, wigs, hair wash, make-up and more.

Instagram: @beauty2thestreetz

Raines is driven and dedicated which shows in all that she does. “Beauty 2 Streetz,” social following has grown significantly leading to support and donations to fuel the organization’s 25 member team. The community service organization did face some backlash for continuing their mission through the pandemic. Raines stated, “For years I’ve been telling this community, ‘I love you …’ and all of a sudden something happens and people are like, ‘Stay in the house, save yourself.’ And I’m like, ‘What about my community?’ And people are like, ‘No, save yourself.’ Oh, he** no, I’m like … married. This is for better or for worse.”

This organization is providing a unique but much needed service to the community. “Beauty 2 Streetz,” shows no signs of slowing down. If you would like to know how you could help check out their site for more information.