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Brownstone singer Nicci Gilbert sues Starz’s ‘P-VALLEY’ for copyright infringement 


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Nicci Gilbert, TV producer and former member of R&B group Brownstone, filed a lawsuit against the network Starz and its tv series P-Valley on January 12, 2022 accusing them of copyright infringement.

P-Valley is a series that follows the lives of strippers and the characters they attract into the club set in Mississippi. The show is based on a play by Katori Hall. The show first aired in 2020.  

Gilbert claims the show has numerous similarities to her musical stage play, “Soul Kittens Cabaret”, which was released in 2011 on DVD, starring R&B singers Fantasia Barrino and Faith Evans.

Soul Kittens Cabaret focused on seven women and their journey through self-discovery all while they balance temptations and personal issues,

Reportedly, the claim alleges that the series is a “veritable unauthorized 2020 knock-off of Plaintiff’s ‘Soul Kittens Cabaret,”. 

“It’s the court’s decision, but I truly believe I deserve to be heard,” said Gilbert, according to

Gilbert also stated that P-Valley fans should be able to pick up on how the two productions “mirror” one another. The courts will decide if there is any validity in Gilbert’s claims and if copyright infringement is indeed involved.