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Beyoncé and Zendaya rumored to work on new film 


E Online


Beyoncé and Zendaya are rumored to team up for the 1959 film remake ‘Imitation Of Life.’ Rumors allegedly started when Beyoncé and Zendaya showed interest in the movie. 

The movie Imitation Of Life combats racism, sexism, and class issues. It is about a white widow bringing in a housekeeper and her fair-skinned daughter; the two women start a successful business through the housekeeper’s idea but face familial, identity, and racial issues along the way.

Though Beyonce and Zendaya have worked together on Beyonce’s visual album Lemonade for “All Night,” it has never been to this extent. 

According to The Sun, Beyoncé would be set as the film’s producer. 

It would be a switch of pace since she is always in roles like Nala, The Lion King, or Foxxy Cleopatra in Austin Powers in Goldmember

As for Zendaya, a movie insider said to The Sun, “Everyone wants Zendaya in their films at the moment, but it feels like this could be the movie to take her to the next level and really get some awards buzz.” 

Based on the movie, the role of Sarah Jane would be going to Zendaya, but no one knows, the film is still in its beginning staging process. Any movie with these two starring in it, is definitely worth viewing.