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Pastor Michael Todd presents “kNOw Limits” in Here Is Holy series at Transformation Church


Transformation Church


The ‘Here Is Holy’ series has been a highly talked about series from saliva to toes, and know and nos. Pastor Todd has preached the importance of understanding the importance of being here as it sets the tone for all aspects in your life. This sermon entitled “kNOw Limits,” spoke to those that have to truly ponder on their “here” and ask God where exactly that is in regards of their situation.

As always watch or listen to the sermon for yourself to see what speaks to you. The message Pastor Todd preached truly was a powerful one, and below are a few notes.

  1. You have to HEAR where HERE is from heaven
  2. This year is the year of intentional limitations
  3. Limits =Love
  4. Your Legacy is tied to your limits
  5. True disciples are committed to limits
  6. A disciple without limits is destructive
  7. Know the difference between God setting intentional limitations and you setting internal limitations
  8. God talks to solutions not to problems
  9. Ask God: What are your intentional limitations for me this year?
  10. Ask yourself: What internal limitations do I need to give God?


God setting limits in the beginning during creation

Genesis 1:6-7 Then God said, “Let there be space between the waters, to be separate the waters of the heaven from the waters of the earth” And that is what happened.

Moses limits himself with is language

Exodus 4:18 But Moses pleaded with the Lord, “O Lord, I’m not very good with words.”

There are many points to take away from this week’s sermon. The importance of knowing your limits and having no limits will propel you in your walk with God. There is power in both variations of the word. Take time to really seek God and allow Him to speak to what limits you have set and which He has set.