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Gospel singer and entrepreneur, Jekalyn Carr receives The President’s Lifetime Achievement Award




Gospel artist Jekalyn Carr has received The President’s Lifetime Achievement Award. President Joe Biden thanked her for her acts of service and for making America a stronger nation through volunteering. This achievement came in addition to Carr’s announcement in expanding her beauty brand. Carr launched her fragrance line for men and women in 2021. As she continues to develop her “pandemic project,” the singer, and now entrepreneur has expanded into hair care and skin care.

In an interview with GMA, Carr stated, “We started out with fragrances, and are now releasing haircare and skincare products that complement each other and make it simple to take care of our God-given features.”

Carr shared in a statement that her beauty routines were influenced by watching the women in her family take pride in their appearance before leaving the house. She took watch she observed and combined it with what she learned in her own beauty routine journey and has now shared it with the world.

The hair care line and skin care line consist of intentional natural product which its properties aid in it effectiveness and quality. The hair care line focuses on growth, moisture, and conditioning. While the skincare line emphasizes on clearing and nourishing the skin.

Carr is definitely on a roll, it only up from here. She has received many accolades and now has a new one to add to her repertoire. Go shop and take care of your God-given features and support Jekalyn Carr on her site today.