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Dapper Dan collaborates with Gap for the spring 2022 campaign




Gap is coming through with the collaborations! Fashion icon Dapper Dan leads Gap’s 2022 spring campaign producing a limited-edition collection highlighting diversity.

The new campaign was developed by Gap Global Creative Director Len Peltier and shot by fashion photographer Zoey Grossman highlighting a diverse selection of individuals being themselves as well as taking on social justice, environmentalism, women’s rights, and more.

“This campaign is an honest reflection of individuals shaping culture by embracing their own paths—not what has been historically or traditionally defined for them, but what they define to be true for themselves. The campaign creative captures these creators pioneering a more inclusive, accepting world and putting their own distinctive stamp on American style.” Mary Alderete, Global Head of Gap Marketing, shared.

To bring the campaign to life, the campaign introduced non-binary trans-visibility artist Kai-Isaiah Jamal, Indira Scott, Georgie Badiel-Liberty a.k.a The Water Princess, Yumi Nu, Clementine Desseaux, Chito, Raph, The Spearman Brothers: Michael and Daniel Spearman, Bryant Giles, David “illy” Bennett, and Ryan Yoo / boylife.

The limited edition collection will also include a special edition “DAP GAP” hoodie releasing March 10th featuring Gap’s signature font and Dapper Dan’s legendary name on the arch logo hoodie.