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Hip hop artist, Tedashii, sustains serious injuries following an accident on the “Unashamed Tour”


Instagram @Tedashii


Christian hip hop artist, Tedashii experienced an accident on tour that led to serious injuries. The incident occurred during the ‘Unashamed Tour,’ featuring Reach Records artists Wande, Lecrae, Trip Lee, 1k Phew, and more. As the Bible says, what’s done in the dark shall come to the light, and unfortunately a fall in the dark while attempting to get on stage ended in a concussion and multiple lacerations.

Tedashii’s injuries happened during the end of the tour in Orlando, Florida. The artist took to Instagram to apologize to fans for his absence and to express his gratitude to the production team that helped him stay alert and calm after the fall. Tedashii explained the events that led to his injuries in great detail by stating, ” I had a terrifying incident as everyone was coming on stage. I fell into the metal pole that holds up the screen and the base of the pole that sits on the floor. I went head first into the metal piping causing a concussion and face first into the base lacerating in two places.”

While fans definitely missed hearing him at the conclusion of the tour, they can rest easy knowing Tedashii is healing and as he stated on Instagram, he is still unashamed.