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Viola Davis to produce Black food history docu-series with Caroline Randall Williams hosting


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Viola Davis is set to produce ‘Hungry for Answers,’ a new docu-series focusing on Black food in America coming to Discovery+. 

Scholar and cookbook co-author of “Soul Food Love”  Caroline Randall Williams will be hosting the series “to uncover the origin stories of these quintessential American offerings, as well as surface the truth when it comes to the equity, or in most cases inequity, regarding the recognition and reward, and lack thereof, for the true founding contributors throughout history.”

“‘Hungry for Answers’ is so many dreams of mine come true — a call and response opportunity to do some question asking, some truth telling, some good eating and fine drinking. I can’t wait to share this wild, spicy, complicated and delicious adventure with an audience!” Williams added. 

With a mission “to explore the complicated backstory of popular dishes,” Williams will answer questions that are asked in the Black food culture such as “Who gets to cook Black food?” 

Further into the season,  episodes will focus on the “less than sweet history of sugar,” the history of Jack Daniel’s whiskey and the history of Black farmers in America.

The new series will launch June 8th and include four episodes “uncovering the fascinating, essential, and often untold Black stories behind some of America’s classic and emblematic food and spirits”

‘Hungry for Answers’ is considered a Black food show in an effort to explore a positive outlook on Black food history.

“All of the greatest moments of vulnerability, conversations and discourse about social, political, lifestyle issues have taken place in our kitchen,” Davis said in a statement to Variety. “The joy of food is like home. When many people are sharing together it is the most powerful tool for connection. I met Caroline Randall Williams on the set of ‘The Help’ in 2010 and knew she was special. Not only as a cook but as a journalist and critical thinker. She pitched Julius and I her idea of this revelatory cooking show. We are both thrilled to invite her into the JuVee family.”