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Texas Governor Greg Abbott booed at the Uvalde Memorial


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After the devastating Uvalde shooting, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott was booed by mourners while visiting the Texas school where 19 children and two teachers were killed.

Many mourners were shaking their heads and shouting “Shame on you, Abbott!” while many other pleads could be heard from the crowd. 

“Please, Governor, help Uvalde County! We need change! Our children don’t deserve this,” a man shouted. 

“Our children are under constant attack in this community. We need help.”

Although Gov. Abbott wasn’t welcomed, President Joe Biden and Jill Biden were warmly greeted when visiting Uvalde Sunday.

Since the shooting Gov. Abbott has since diverted $211 million dollars in funds from mental health conditions due to Abbott blaming mental health on mass shootings.

Senators are currently trying to reach a compromise on gun safety legislation, encouraging state “red flag” laws to keep guns away from those with mental health issues. While addressing school security and mental health resources, Sen. Chris Murphy will lead the effort.

While law officials continue to deliberate over the next two-and-a-half weeks, people in the southwestern Texas town of Uvlade will be making funeral arrangement to say their final goodbyes to the children and their teachers.

Many funeral homes are offering free services to victims as well as seeking legal volunteers, blood, and monetary relief for members of the community. 

If interested in being a volunteer, reach out to 

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