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Large drug store chains limit the amount of emergency contraception purchases following the overturning of Roe v. Wade


Tayler Smith


As a response to the skyrocketing sales of emergency contraception following the overturning of the Supreme Court Case, Roe vs. Wade, major companies such as Amazon, Rite Aid, and CVS have placed a limit on the number of emergency contraceptives a person can buy. 

According to what company representatives told CNN, the limit only allows a person to buy three Plan B emergency contraceptives a week. 

Amazon has created restrictions on its website only allowing three units a week to be purchased.

CVS told CNN that these restrictions were put into place “to ensure equitable access and consistent supply on store shelves.”

Many companies felt the mandate needed to happen because of what Senior Manager of Retail Communications with CVS Pharmacy, Matt Blanchette, explained as “a sharp increase in the sale of emergency contraceptives.”

CVS has since removed its restrictions due to the decrease in contraceptive sales. 

Plan B, Aftera, Take Action, and My Choice are some of the many, over-the-counter emergency contraceptives, according to the Office On Women’s Health, that are used when a person is trying to prevent pregnancy, not abort it. 

OWH stated that the medication works to make sure the egg does not become fertilized and attach itself to the uterus.

They also stated that “pills will not stop or harm your pregnancy.”