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Bishop Whitehead offers 1M for a boxing ring match against D.L. Hughley after heated social media exchange


Bobby Banks and Lamor M Whitehead


On Wednesday, Bishop Whitehead aka, the pastor who got robbed in his pulpit, posted two videos on Instagram asking comedian D.L. Hughley to meet him in the boxing ring for a fight. 

The controversial pastor is upset with Hughley after he allegedly got disrespectful while interviewing him earlier that day.

He went on to explain and call out Hughley on what was said in the caption of one of his posts. 

“Meet Me In The Boxing Ring Tuff Guy! So I Just Finished A Interview With DL Little Man Hughley And All He Tried To Do Was Be Disrespectful And Embarrass Me! Sorry DL Wrong Preach! Let’s Box This Out! Meet Me In The Ring You Punk! As He Admitted To Being A Womanizer And I Defended All Women He Because Upset! MEET ME IN THE RING SHORT MAN!”

Whitehead wants to put up a hefty amount of money for this match saying, “ I WILL MAKE SURE WE PUT UP 1 MILLION SO I CAN KNOCK YOU OUT IN THE NAME OF JESUS!”

In the same post he throws shade at Hughley by mentioning popular media pages such as The Shade Room, Baller Alert, World Star, and The Breakfast Club so they can help the comedian out with his ratings. 

In the second video, Whitehead goes into further detail about the interview and what exactly set him off. 

Whitehead claims that he thought Hughley was going to question him solely about the robbery that took place at his church. Instead, Hughley allegedly only questioned him about all of his material wealth and accused him of robbing the people in the church. 

Hughley addressed Whitehead in the comments of The Shade Room’s post on the issue saying, “Ol’ Sufferin Succotash headahh… What “Pastor” you know can “PUT UP A MILLION DOLLARS RIGHT NOW” ?? Reading from the book of Scamalations.”

Whitehead responded by calling Hughley a punk and saying that he picked the wrong pastor to mess with.

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