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Baltimore comedian Vontee takes the stage and social media by storm




Creating a lane for himself on the stage and the screen, 27-year-old Devonte (Vontee) Fletcher has set the bar for the next generation of comedians and filmmakers. 

Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and raised in Baltimore, Maryland. Vontee has pursued his passion for comedy and film for 10 years. He was influenced by Eddie Murphy, Martin Lawrence, and Tyler Perry.

Vontee emerged on YouTube posting vlogs while in high school and later started showcasing content that he wrote and directed. His series “The Baltimore Way” received over 1 million views on YouTube. Kick starting his new found comedic success. 

He then took his talents beyond YouTube skits, and started posting funny relatable content on Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter which skyrocketed his success. Making Vontee a household name in the social media world.

Vontee has made his way around the country to make them pay attention to who’s up next. He has been able to travel and perform stand up comedy in cities like Philly, Miami, Cleveland and more.

His “Spike Lee” approach to filmmaking is what caused him to dominate the social media game. Vontee has mastered the art of connecting to multiple audiences. With his characters “Vonayy” and “Bizzle,” both played by him, he is able to produce exactly what he has in mind.

Vontee’s (@imvontee) funny videos have been posted by multiple major influential people and media platforms. Gaining him about 600k followers on Instagram, 300k on TikTok, and 30k on YouTube.

Recently, the filmmaker has set in motion his new series “Vibin’ Wit Vontee” where he takes his viewers on a roller coaster of topics during a sit down conversation with audience interaction. He also puts people in the “hot seat” and asks them difficult questions.

Beyond the comedy and film making Vontee is an entrepreneur who has his own bonnet, and durag line inspired by his characters Vonayy and Bizzle.

Vontee has set the tone for what it means to be a modern day comedian and filmmaker who highlights the humor of today’s social media driven era and taking advantage of the multiple outlets to promote his comedy.  

You can catch Vontee hitting the stage in his hometown of Baltimore, MD on Saturday, October 22. Click here to buy your tickets today.

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