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Aaron Thomas makes comeback into gospel music with new album “God Doors”

Aaron Thomas - God Doors album cover

Aaron Thomas - God Doors album cover


Aaron Thomas has rededicated himself back into gospel music with his powerful album God Doors. Since the release on October 14, 2022, God Doors has debuted on iTunes at #1 for gospel, #3 across all Christian categories, and made the top 50 for all genres on the charts. 

The album has received praise from listeners in and out of church. Throughout the album fans will hear songs that focus on God’s grace and love instead of traditional church values. 

“I want God Doors to strengthen everyone’s relationship with God,” stated Thomas. “I brought all of me to this project. I did not hide or pretend to be anything other than the person God created.”

The album has a clear focus and intent that God is accessible to everyone and his love surpasses the limit of human understanding. During Thomas’ time away from gospel music God developed and strengthened him for obstacles that attempted to challenge him.

“[I’m] aware that everyone may not support the project, but that is not my focus,” said Thomas.”

Thomas’ contemporary R&B style brings a new wave to gospel music, creating a diverse worship experience. With over 20 years in the music industry Thomas plans to inspire God’s people through his gift.

God Doors began as a prayer to God, which started manifesting in my life. The project is a divinely inspired message to all of God’s people.”

Composed of eight songs, God Doors‘ fan favorites include, “Blessin,” “Good to Me,” and “We Need More Love.”

God Doors Tracklist

1. God Doors(Intro)

2. God Will Come Through

3. Blessin

4. Good to Me

5. God Doors

6. We Need More Love

7. GloryAnthem

8. GodDoors(Outro)

After the decade Thomas took, the dynamic album shows how God has opened the doors for his return.